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Our mission:

  • Innovation

  • Integrity

  • Self-regulation

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About us

Our association was founded in 2005. Our members are Hungarian representatives of the world's largest innovative veterinary pharmaceutical companies.

The essential condition for membership is that the activities of the company is innovative, it has its own research & development and production sites. The companies belonging to the association operate according to high ethical standards, which we try to enforce in the domestic veterinary medicine distribution as well. All of our members have accepted the association's code of conduct, which also forms the basis of our self-regulation.

Our aim is to present to the wide audience the advantages of the innovative veterinary products, and to facilitate their market availability. We consider it an important task to support the activities of the authorities that control the production and distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals, as well as the entire Hungarian veterinary medicine distribution.

Hungarian member of Animal Health Europe



Dr. Aladics Balázs elnök.jpg

Dr. Aladics Balázs

Dr Csomán Ákos elnökségi tag.jpg

Dr. Csomán Ákos
Board member

Dr. Szamkó Tamás

Dr. Szamkó Tamás
Board member


For veterinarians


Our members and products do not need to be introduced to our colleagues, as they have been using our products with satisfaction for decades.

Although we are competitors on the market, we have decided to help each other by providing correct information and demonstrate ethical, transparent market behavior. We act together for the widest possible distribution of innovative products, and to provide information about the research and development used during their production.

We believe that together we can help the healing work of veterinarians in more areas.


For animal owners



Our companies are the Hungarian representatives of the world's largest animal pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Our products account for the majority of the world's veterinary pharmaceutical development. Behind each of our products is a huge amount of research and development work, and they also meet the strictest quality requirements.

The aim of our association is to present  also for animal owners, the innovative properties of our products, the research and development activities used during their production, and the benefits to the animals.


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1117 Budapest, Hungary, Allee corner 4th floor.

Október huszonharmadika street 8-10.


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